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The Pickle House Bloody Mary

The Pickle House's perfect Bloody Mary Mix – deliciously spicy, made with their Original Pickle Juice that is brewed for twelve weeks with sliced cucumbers & spices, creating a flavour that is both sweet & savoury

Enjoy straight for a Virgin Mary, or add Vodka for a Bloody Mary.

35ml Absolut Vodka
100ml Pickle House Tomato Mix
A squeeze of lemon juice and dash of Tabasco.

While a Bloody Mary can be as fancy as you would like with the array of garnishes available, we like to keep it simple with 3 easy steps!

Let's Do This!
Moisten the rim of a highball glass and roll in celery salt if desired (or use rimming salt for some extra zing).
Combine all recipe ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Top with ice, shake it up, and strain into the prepared glass.

Tip: For frosted glasses place them in the freezer for 1/2 hour before preparing drinks.

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