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Openhive Honey

At Weeklie, we are all honey lovers!
When we taste tested this wonderful honey we were all hooked. We now use Openhive honey on all our favourite foods like Tartine sourdough, Lilliput meats & cheeses & in our salad dressings.

OpenHive is a beekeeping company and community dreamt up by Kyle Petrie and Mark Earley and is based in Dublin. The simple focus of OpenHive is to harness a combined passion for beekeeping with a need for environmental sustainability which matches with our Weeklie ethos perfectly. In addition, the honey jars the guys use are eco friendly and are screen-printed to eliminate the need for single-use plastic labelling.

Honey is such a fantastic way to sweeten things naturally and is also so good for the immune system in particular locally sourced raw honey.

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