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McLoughlin's Craft Butchers

Since opening in the 1960's, this third generation family business practice the same traditional butchering methods as well as upholding the same high standard and quality.

McLoughlins know where to source the best breeds from the best farms, where animals are treated properly, are grass fed, ensuring the finest tasting meat to your plate. "We source our beef from a small group of farmers in the South Leinster area. These local farmers practice excellent husbandry. They feed their livestock only the best of grass and grain and administer no artificial growth promoters, additives or preservatives".

At Weeklie we are delighted to work with McLoughlins as its restaurant quality craft meat, we have tasted the burgers, steak, rack of lamb and more from some of our favourite restaurants in Dublin city! Now you can try at home via our grocery delivery service.

Check out the amazing feast above that our pal & photographer Al Higgins organised for Weeklie. It features a cote de boeuf, lamp rump and beef burgers all available to order.

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