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Tomato... Tomahto... we say "Olive Oil"

We’re at peak tomato at the moment. Even our usually sun-starved home grown varieties are tasting great these days. When they’re like this there’s really no need to do much to them. A great olive oil and a little olive is all you need to bring up that gorgeous tomato flavour. Nobleza del Sur’s award-winning Centenarium is just perfect for bringing out the best in tomatoes.

Centenarium is made with Picual olives and has strong notes of tomato and tomato leaf followed by a fabulous pepper hit which makes it perfect for showcasing a great tomato (and lifting a not so great one to the next level).

Try this - slice or roughly chop a couple of decent tomatoes then generously drizzle them with Centenarium, a little dash of balsamic or sherry vinegar and a generous pinch of flakey salt. Leave to marinate for 20 minutes and you have one of the tastiest salads around. It's that classic Mediterranean trick of just 1 simple ingredient made sublime by the right seasoning - olive oil and salt.

It's the kind of dish that’s perfect as part of a Mezze style meal - think Spanish omelette or maybe an empanada, slabs of feta, couscous and/or pearl barley salads, baba ganoush, greens panfried with garlic and drizzled with olive oil and maybe a spritz of lemon juice. When basil's in season you can add it to the mix. The basil we get here in Ireland can be a little anaemic so marinating it with the tomatoes and oil really brings up its gorgeously aromatic flavour.

In Italy this kind of tomato salad gets heaped on bread and makes a great starter. Serve with some cheeses and olives and it'll feel like a spread and it really couldn't be easier to put together. It’s perfect for an Irish picnic.

Recipe and Writing by Sarah&Olive
Photos by Caroline Murray

A simple tomato salad than can be repurposed as bruschetta (for 2-3)

• 4 decent tomatoes (they should smell like tomatoes if you're wondering what I mean)
• A punchy, peppery olive like Nobleza del Sur’s Centenarium
• Flakey salt
• A tiny quantity of vinegar - balsamic, sherry or red wine
• A few sprigs of basil (about 15 decent size leaves) if you have it
• Rustic style bread - sourdough or a decent baguette are perfect but a slice of Mc Cambridges will suffice if that's what you have

Chop the tomatoes and finely shred the basil. Mix together in a bowl and generously drizzle with oil, a dash of vinegar and a generous pinch of flakey salad. Mix well then set aside for at least 20 minutes.

Pan am tomaquet (for 2 or 3)

• 1 decent quality baguette or similar
• 4 good quality tomatoes
• A punchy, peppery olive like Nobleza del Sur’s Centenarium
• Salt

Toast the bread and slice the tomatoes in half through the middle rather than top to bottom.
Rub the tomato halves on the bread until they literally fall apart and you are only left with the skins. Generously drizzle with oil and a sprinkling of flakey salt.
Enjoy x


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