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Denis Healy Organic Delights

Five a day is our motto here at weekl.ie we like to fill up daily on delicious fruit and vegetables, we are fortunate to work with Denis Healy from Organic Delights. Denis is one of the longest established organic growers in Ireland and is one of Ireland's most prominent suppliers of organic fruit and vegetables, both grown on the family farm in Wicklow and imported. A great supporter of farmers' markets, and one of the founding stallholders at Dublin's Temple Bar Food Market. Denis has an enviable reputation in the area of organic growing - a passion which continues unabated.

Every week, we curate a special vegetable and fruit box for our customers, filled with seasonal and organic produce. Our staples are the Carolus potatoes grown in Wicklow, which make the tastiest homemade chips, we also fill the boxes with annual spinach, scallions, spring onions and seasonal outdoor leaves such as chard, rocket, kale and red oak, all grown organically on the farm. Other vegetables include; leeks, fennel, radish, red beetroot, rainbow carrots and Rhubarb. Fruit include; apples, pears and Irish strawberries.

They all taste beautiful and come perfect with all their intricate imperfections that one can only get when ordering true organic produce.

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