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Weekl.ie Breakfast Rituals Pack: Ayle Farm Granola

Ayle Farm Granola

Another new release this week from the busy team here at Weekl.ie. The Breakfast Rituals Pack: Ayle Farm Granola. Inside you'll receive (as per the image above) everything you need to create the delicious and wholesome Weekl.ie Breakfast Rituals Granola. (10 Servings)

Your Weekl.ie Breakfast Rituals pack will include:
1 x Mossfield Yogurt (500ml)
1 x Rearour Orchard Blueberry Jam (370ml)
1 x Nutshed Peanut Butter (280ml)
1 x tub of Blueberries
1 x Ayle Farm Organic Granola
3 x Pukka Chia Tea Bags

Do Ahead: Granola and chia pudding can be made 10 days ahead. Store granola airtight at room temperature and chill chia pudding.

Combine chia tea and chia seeds in a 1-qt jar or airtight container. Cover and shake to combine. Let sit 5 minutes, then shake again. Let sit at least another 15 minutes before serving. Ideally, leave the seeds to soak overnight if prepping for your morning ritual.

To begin, add 8 tablespoons of yoghurt to your bowl. To that add in 2 table spoons of the overnight soaked chia seeds and then add in your 4 tbsp of granola. Now you can add 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and some... sublime Rearour blueberry jam (1 or 2 tsp). Top it off with a small handful of Blueberries for added ooomph!!

2 x Tbsp of Overnight Soaked Chia Seeds in Chia tea.
8 x Tbsp Mossfield Yogurt
4 x Tbsp of Ayle Granola
2 x tsp Peanut Butter
4 x tsp Rearour Blueberry jam
1 x Handful of Blueberries
Chia seeds (for serving; optional)

(You'll have enough granola and chia pudding for about 10 servings. Keep close by for making more bowls or other uses ... like try a scoop of chia pudding in a smoothie... one can only describe it as DELISH)

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