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Grocery Delivery


Seasonal, artisan and organic food

We are a grocery delivery service, helping more people in Dublin have access to high quality ingredients.

Where possible. we use refillable packaging to help cut down on waste.

See Covid19 Precautions

Grocery Delivery

Dublin Deliveries

Weekly deliveries to most areas in Dublin with some exceptions

Tuesday to Saturday


Food Sourcing

We go the extra mile to source fresh, sustainable, organic and high quality foods.

Have a look in our Better Ingredients Section

Waste Reduction

We take a Zero Waste ethos to our delivery, using a kit of containers that can be reused.

Knife Sharpening

We'll collect your knives, take them away and put a new edge on them.

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How Weekl.ie Works

1 - Complete our Order Form

2 ā€“ Receive a confirmation email with the details of your order shortly afterwards

3 ā€“ Refillable containers are used where possible, a usage deposit is charged and refunded on return (see FAQ for detail)

4 - We drop by to deliver your groceries

5 ā€“ Containers used are collected at the next delivery or an arranged time within 2 weeks

Weekl.ie Specials

Each weeks we add update the Weekl.ie Order Form with new products and suppliers.

also Check out our Weekl.ie Specials WhatsApp Group for unique subscriber offers:

Weekl.ie Specials šŸŽ£šŸ„’šŸ„©šŸ·šŸ„•

Refillable Containers

Covid-19 precautionary measures
Many items are being packed using additional layers of paper or plastic šŸ˜” Hopefully not for too long šŸ™ but better safe than sorry at the moment
Stainless Steel 5L
Hermetically Sealed & Stain Resistant /// Used for Meat and Fish Delivery
BPA-free Plastic Reusable 2L (280*190*70)
Hermetically Sealed & Stain Resistant /// Used for Fish Box Delivery
BPA-free Plastic Reusable 920ml (200*135*70)
Hermetically Sealed & Stain Resistant /// Used for Pantry Delivery
BPA-free Plastic Reusable 380ml (140*90*70)
Hermetically Sealed & Stain Resistant /// Used for Pantry Ready to Eat Food Delivery
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Who we are?
We are Verbena and Chris.

Verbena lives at Leonards Corner. She is a health food enthusiast, an old hand at yoga and ran the largest dog walking service in Dublin 8.

Chris lives down the canal. Enjoys running with his dog and small festivals on islands.


Grocery Prices - in Order Form at Market price

Delivery Subscription Charge

First 2 weeks free delivery**

After the 2 week period there are two payment options:
ā€¢ Weekl.ie Subscriber (ā‚¬4.80/week) delivery included and access to Subscriber Specials
ā€¢ Weekl.ie ad hoc Deliveries - ā‚¬9 per delivery

Container Deposit
Worked out on the amount and value of container. There is a min, deposit of ā‚¬20 See FAQ for more details

Where to start? Get in touch.


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