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Neighbourhood Deliveries


Neighbourhood Deliveries & Bite-size Home Help

We are a neighbourhood delivery service, dropping in groceries around Dublin.

We use refillable packaging so you can cut down on waste

We supply bite-size home help. We sort, clean and repair so your things last longer

Who we are?
We are Verbena and Chris.

Verbena lives at Leonards Corner. She is a health food enthusiast, an old hand at yoga and ran the largest dog walking service in Dublin 8.

Chris lives down the canal. He has a passion for indigenous business, running with his dog and small festivals on islands.

Our Services

Neighbourhood Deliveries
A selection of weekly deliveries from our favourite producers, shops and markets in the area.
Bite-size Home Help
We’re here to sort out your spaces, get your chores done and if your home needs a deep clean we can arrange that too.
Waste Reduction
We refill as many goods as we can, using handy jars, glass boxes or reusable crates. We can set you up with a reusable kit that you will have for life. We repair, so your things last longer.
Laundry and Dry Cleaning
We use Laundr.ie, a quality Irish service that uses an environmentally friendly cleaning process and packaging.
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Bite-size home help Inspiration

Forgot a friends birthday?
We’ll collect a gift
Hosting at home?
We’ll source seasonal foods, wines & do the shop
Clearing your place out?
We’ll do a run to the charity shop
Need to get your washing machine fixed?
We can book a repair
Just need to get the house tidied-up?
We’ll come over and sort it out
Need help?
Message us on WhatsApp & we can figure it out


Home Cleaning

Packages and Post

Special Requests

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Want to feel like you have all the time in the world?

Dry cleaning,

Mail sorted,
packages waiting.

Fridge stocked,
with your favourite goods.

Your home,
exactly how you like it.

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Neighbourhood Deliveries
Bite-size Home Help